In today’s day and age, with all the data collection that is found on the internet including all your private information, just to access the latest online coupons and promotions, it has become more and more important to be aware of what your rights are. In an effort to revive this movement, we have decided to post information related to the rights you as citizens of the United States of America have as it relates to keeping information that the school systems collect about your child private.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, if your child attends a high school that receives federal money, your school is required to provide your child’s private information to the U.S. military for recruitment purposes! This is virtually every school in America. They are NOT required to tell you that they are sending this information to the military.

What are your rights? Well, for starters, you have the ability to opt out of involuntarily giving up this information. By filling out a form, you can ensure that your child’s information stays private. Unfortunately you need to fill out a form every single year in order to do so.

Why is this important? There are so many places that collect your information, imagine if they had the right to divulge this data to anyone they choose. It goes against the rights of the citizens. When filling out forms online, we should rest assured that this information is safe. Most online merchants that offer promotions and coupon codes adhere to good conduct and it is our job to ensure that everyone continues to do so. We will be reporting from time to time on companies and organizations that adhere to good practices.